Robbie Baty: 972-663-9781

Tenant Representation/ Buyer Representation

Robbie focuses on helping clients in DFW and internationally with their space requirements. He implements the following process to deliver optimal results for his tenant clients:

  • Definition of Client Requirements: It is critical to understand the current situation and future goals of clients in order to drive the best transaction for their needs. Once the requirements are defined define the space requirements, geographic area desired and budget, we begin the process of finding the best locations.
  • Market Survey: Our team conducts a comprehensive market survey of available properties and match potential locations with the defined requirements.
  • Site Tours and Proposals: We tour the most qualified locations with the client and submit proposals to the subject properties.
  • Negotiations: Once the client focuses on a building, we negotiate to obtain the most competitive prices and lease terms possible. Our clients save an average of 15% – 30% on their occupancy costs. Although we are not attorneys and recommend our clients have attorneys review their leases, we will submit our comments and business terms during the lease negotiation process.
  • Construction Management: C&W’s Project Management Team will help clients with the build out of space and ensure they move into the space on time and under budget.
  • Follow Up: Our team takes pride in developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We do not simply assist with one transaction and then disappear. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service and earn the client’s trust for the long term.