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Challenge Tekzenit is a young, cutting edge, technology company with explosive growth. Their growth caused them to expand their office space in small increments over the years, which resulted in an office with a variety of different looks that did not accommodate their evolving needs. Tekzenit’s building owner wanted them to renew their lease in the building with no outside broker for a long term with a significantly higher rental rate and an insufficient tenant improvement allowance. Results Af
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Pariveda Solutions

Pariveda Solutions (“Pariveda”) was growing rapidly, and needed to expand to accommodate its increasing employee population. Additionally, they sought to reduce occupancy costs to free capital to encourage further growth. Pariveda was happy in it’s existing building but still had approximately two years remaining on it’s lease obligation.
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Fusion Labs

Fusion Labs was located in an outdated Class B building in Addison. They hired Grant Pruitt and Robbie Baty of the Wyatt/McClung team to identify locations that would allow them to grow and upgrade their offices to a modern, tech-feeling space as well as brand their company. It was imperative that any alternative locations Fusion considered reduced their current rental expenses and included furniture.
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Arbonne International

In 2011, Arbonne International was locked in a long-term lease paying above-market rates as a direct result of the real estate crash in 2009. Additionally, they needed improvements within their space after several years at that location but did not want to come out of pocket for the construction expense. Arbonne hired Grant Pruitt and Robbie Baty of the Wyatt / McClung Team to engage the landlord in an early restructure of their lease.
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